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  • 1

    Form-a-Drain Foundation Drainage System

    Form-A-Drain® is a complete, permanently installed system that forms footings, drains foundations, and provides a sub-slab perimeter radon reduction system.
  • 2


    Seals out water penetration with a flexible, seamless membrane. It's backed by a 10-year transferable performance warranty.
  • 3

    Poured Concrete Foundation Walls

    Provide stronger, drier maintenance free basements.
  • 4

    Pressure Treated Seal Plates with Sill Sealer

    Provides a thermal break-barrier between concrete walls and frame structure, withstanding moisture, fungal, and insect infestation.
  • 5

    Engineered “I” Joist/Beam or Equivalent

    Engineered joist and beams carry greater loads over longer spans and generally do not shrink , warp, crown, or twist like dimensional lumber.
  • 6

    2x6 Exterior Wall Construction with R-21 Insulation

    Higher insulation value means lower utility bills and more comfort.
  • 7

    Quality Wall-to-wall Carpeting with Upgraded Padding

    Provides longer wear life to prevent showing traffic patterns.
  • 8

    Energy Star® Certified GE appliances

    GE® ENERGY STAR rated energy efficient appliances from GE Appliances offer the economic benefit of efficient energy use without sacrificing the features, performance, style, or convenience you've come to expect from GE Appliances.
  • 9

    Moen® Water Saver Faucet

    Moen has created water delivery systems that incorporate technology to maximize performance and minimize waste, saving up to 32% less water.
  • 10

    Mansfield “Alto” high efficiency water closets.

    Helps conserve water usage while delivering top flush performance
  • 11

    Alside® low-maintenance window.

    Premium vinyl is an excellent insulation offering low conductivity to help keep you comfortable all year long.
  • 12

    Therma-Tru© insulated entrance door.

    Provides energy efficiency, durability and style.
  • 13

    GAF/ELK Timberline Limited Lifetime shingles.

    Using GAF products produces a roofing system which delivers optimized performance and a limited lifetime warranty.
  • 14

    Low Maintenance Premium Vinyl Siding & Shutters

    Eliminates yearly maintenance while enhancing the exterior beauty of the home.
  • 15

    R-11 Foundation Wall Insulation

    Helps conserve energy, offering excellent sound proofing benefits. Resists and reduces mold and mildew. Will not rot or deteriorate.
  • 16

    HVAC Condensation Pump

    Helps prevent overflows which could cause premature rusting of heat exchange, preventing early furnace replacement.
  • 17

    Insulated Duct Supply and Trunk Line

    Helps keep air at desired temperature; reduces air leakage and keeps utility bills lower.
  • 18

    50-Gallon Insulated Hot Water Heater

    Saves you 7-16 percent in water heating costs over a non-insulated water tank.
  • 19

    Kitchen Cabinetry with “Soft-Close” Doors & Drawers

    Safe for children, preventing fingers from getting caught and extending the overall life of the door & drawers.
  • 20

    LED Lighting in All Bedrooms

    Provides even lighting of rooms, making daily activities of putting away clothes, making the bed and getting ready easier.
  • 21

    House Wrap

    Blocks water and air from penetrating the home. Keeping wall sheathing dry and helps keep heating and cooling bills lower.
  • 22

    Low VOC Paint

    Does not contain harmful chemicals thereby providing healthy indoor air quality.